From the introduction of lingerie in the early nineteenth century, it has come a long way. In the past, it was only created to relieve women from wearing those typical corsets. Since then, it has come a long way with regards to its purpose as well as its style. Now-a-days, in addition to the traditional style these are also available in the form of corsets, body stockings, and bustier, etc. Also, certain night pajamas and night dresses have also been considered a part of this.

Purposes of wearing lingerie

In the past its use was only limited to practical purposes; but with the time its purpose has evolved. The most common purposes are mentioned and explained below:

• Cleanliness – the primary reason for wearing the undergarments is cleanliness. There are certain diseases that can spread to things where you sit, and then transfer. In addition to this, there are many germs that can transfer from the outside to the inner regions. They provide additional protection other than the clothes that you wear.

• Decorum-this was the reason such articles of clothing were introduced; that is to maintain modesty, especially for the upper body. The bust can seem really disgusting, unprofessional and vulgar. That’s why it is important that you wear something to restrain the upper body.

• Enhancement of the body shape – undergarment plays a big role in your body shape; it can transform or deform it. Even under clothes, they can alter the shape of the bust, waist, hips and thighs of a person.

• Self confidence – wearing the right kind of lingerie can enhance the confidence of a girl. This is because if the girl likes herself in it, she will feel good about herself. It will give her more confidence in her appearance. A study conducted by the university of Manchester states that the confidence of a woman increases by 75%; just by wearing a push-up bra. This reflects greatly on the link between lingerie and confidence.

• Style and seduction – some women wear lingerie to enhance their appearance, and stay up to date with the fashion. If by chance she has to remove her clothing, she would also be dressed to impress. That’s why many women wear lingerie with the intention to seduce or impress some other person; as it is a great way to attract men. It is the third most common purpose behind buying it.

• Comfort- statistics show that this is the top motivation behind buying it. They find it a practical choice and hence use it as an article of clothing and nothing else. For them it is a part of their daily life; it is a habit without which they would feel uncomfortable.

• Expressing sexuality and sensuality- lingerie is related to everything that is feminine, that’s why it makes the person feel more sexy and sensual. It provides her a sense of grace, sensuality and women power.

In addition to this, every woman can have her own motivation behind wearing it.

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